Custom Domain

You can use your own domain name (for example yourdomain.com,.net,.org, and so on) that you have already purchased from a domain registrar, to link to your site. To do so, visit the web site of the registrar and edit the A-record to IP address: А is a short for "Address". The A-record specifies the IP address, where your domain name should redirect. Once, you set the A-record to point to our IP address, go to Settings > My domains and enter the name of your domain (example: yourdomain.com) in the field.

The usual A-record looks like this:
Domain (example yourdomain.com) ---- record type (А) ---- IP адрес (

The A-record is the main DNS-record, because it is connecting the IP address with the domain name of the site.

Aditional instructions, how to create an A-record, registered in Go Daddy (English)